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VICs 68, 69, 70, 71



After being ordered for war service, these four VICs were shipped in kit form from Pimblotts of  Cheshire to the Netherlands and completed in 1947/48 for service in the Dutch East  Indies (now Indonesia) with Bataafsche Petroleum Maatsschappij (now Royal Dutch Shell). As can be seen from the photographs of "Moeda" below, their completed form differed somewhat from the 80.5 foot long VICs of the same class built here.

VIC 68 was named "Moeland", 69 as "Moebai", 70 as "Moelara" and 71 as "Moeda". The photographs below show "Moeda" in service. Her port of registry "Batavia" has long since become known as Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

All four sailed to the Far East independently under their own power. The voyage of the "Moeda" was not without incident: She left Elesmere Port on the Mersey on 25th September 1948 destined for Pladjoe in South Sumatra. Five days after leaving Aden they suffered engine problems and had to return, remaining there until the 18th of December. On passage from there to Pladjoe their radio failed and they were "lost" out of communication for three weeks. However, having sailed via Sabang and Penang the finally arrived into Pladjoe on 9th February 1949.

I am indebted to Kees Storm, Chairman of CNOOKS (Royal Dutch Shell former Captains and Chief Engineers Club) for the two photographs and the above information.