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VIC 93     Sandor     Justi     Engesund       Charlotte


Builder Dunston, Thorne
Official Nr 180416
Yard Nr 575
Launched 6/3/1945
Delivered 4/1945
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Deadweight 165 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Registered at Hull in 1945 and with the admiralty at Deptford, London, until 1961


Sold in 1961 to H Sandoy of Norway and renamed "Sandor". Sold to new Norwegian owners in 1962 and renamed "Justi".

In 1964 she was lengthened to 106 ft (184 grt) before being sold again, to H Stokka PR and renamed "Engesund". In 1982 she was fitted with a new oil engine and constant speed propeller. Sold on again in 1985 to a F Steinsland, still in Norway, and reportedly renamed yet again in 1989, this time "Charlotte"

In November 2007 she was put up for sale by Bratten Shipping A/S of Bergen ( click here  ) . Looking at the advertisement pictures of her she does appear to still be in externally good condition, although as the ad is still on-line as of January 2011 there would not appear to be too many buyers about.

In spring 2013 she was noted to be at Harlingen in the Netherlands,  although by 2014 she had been moved to the breakers yard in Kampen, reportedly due to unpaid mooring fees. The botton picture was taken in 2017 at a yard in Leeuwarden that specialised in renovating vessels as houseboats but which has since gone bankrupt. As I write, Charlotte's fate is unknown.


Photograph courtesy of and Copyright Mike Ridgard


photograhed at Kampen in 2014. Copyright Jan Stolp


at Leeuwarden on 1st August 2017. Copyright B.Th. Gernaat