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VIC 9     Victoria    Lady Isle (2)     


Builder R.Dunston, Thorne
Official Nr 167127
Yard Nr 380
Launched 4/6/1942
Delivered 7/42
Length 66.8 ft
Beam 18.4 ft
Gross 96 tons
Deadweight 140 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Until April 1947 on Naval service.

Then transferred to Admiralty Portsmouth as C.667 and used as water carrier.

Made available for disposal in 1949 and laid up at Portland. .


I have not yet unearthed any formal records on her whereabouts between 1948 and being bought in 1965 by Irvine Shipping & Trading Co. and renamed “Lady Isle” but I have been contacted by Peter M. Herbert's daughter Victoria who tells me that she was owned by him at one time and named "Victoria", which was possibly during this period.

With  Irvine Shipping in name at least she replaced the original "Lady Isle", ex VIC7, which was lost in 1956. and life on board her is brilliantly, and sometimes hilariously, described by Keith McGinn in his autobiography  "The Last of the Puffermen".  Keith also believes that "Lady Isle" was converted from steam to diesel in either 1963 or 4.

1974 – sold to Scapa Shipping Ltd on the Forth and known to have operated in and around Scottish East Coast ports for a few years thereafter.

1981 – last reported in St David's Harbour on the Forth awaiting scrapping.

The photograph on the left shows a coal-carrying rail wagon being discharged into her hold at Troon in 1966. Is that as precarious as it looks? Below right in 1974 at an unrecorded location

Photograph copyright and courtesy of John Aitken

 photograph by courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection.