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VIC 81      Julia T


Builder Harker, Knottingley
Official Nr 180310
Yard Nr 182
Launched 19/8/1944
Delivered 11/1944
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Deadweight 165 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

With the admiralty at Rosyth, including a name change to C711 in 1949.


Sold in 1969 to M Townsend of Leeds and sailed to Hull where she was fitted with an oil engine with the intention of her being used on salvage work. At this time she was renamed "Julia T" and in the photograph below she is seen during conversion at Hull with possibly one of the nicest looking bridges ever fitted to an ex-VIC.

On 28th October 1970 she grounded at Westward Ho in Devon after her anchor chain parted while she was waiting at Bideford Bar. She was refloated within a couple of days.

In 1976 she was purchased by interests in Wexford, Eire who planned to use her as a mussel dredger but found out when they got her there she she was too deep draught to enter Wexford Harbour !   In 1977 they sold her on to M Mylotte of County Galway and was employed by them carrying live fish and shellfish from Ireland to continental Europe.  In 1998 she sank in Galway Bay in unexplained circumstances while under tow.


Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection