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VIC 77       Victual   



Rowhedge, Colchester

Official Nr 180558
Yard Nr 656
Launched 1/3/1945
Delivered 1945
Length 80.5 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 147 tons
Deadweight 165 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

 Served with the Admiralty for several years. mainly at Portsmouth with the pennant number C.675.  She was subsequently renamed "Victual"


In 1970 she was sold to H G Pounds, Shipbreakers, of Portsmouth but sunbsequently sold on to a Mr R Simon in January 1973 and towed back to Rowhedge in Essex.  There after survey she was found to be structurally sound. Over the next few years she was extensively restored, having many "new" parts fitted from her canablised sister ship VIC78.  Subsequent to this she sailed extensively around east and south coast of the UK before in 1981 being sold to Dutch buyers who had her towed to Dordrecht for intended use as a floating restaurant.  This didn't happen and in late 1985 she was sold yet again to German owners, J Lehmann of Lorrach.

The photograph on the left taken by Derek Sands is of her lying in the upper reaches of the harbour at Colchester in 1981, not more than two miles from her birthplace at Rowhedge. This must have been not long before her move to the Netherlands.

Twenty six years later, in 2007, she was photographed (below right) by George Robinson at Schragen, south of Den Helder.



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