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VIC 42      Yarvik       Taillefer


Builder R.Dunston, Thorne
Official Nr 180249
Yard Nr 454
Launched 17/3/1944
Delivered 4/1944
Length 66.8 ft
Beam 18.4 ft
Gross 96 tons
Deadweight 140 tons
Engine Oil

One of a bactch of 9 motor powered VICS built by Dunston. On 30th April 1944 she broke adrift from the tug "Empire Charles" off Corton Sands and grounded four miles from Great Yarmouth. She was refloated and taken in tow once agan to complete her delivery for naval work on the Thames.


Purchased by N G Parkinson of London in 1949 and renamed "Yarvik". Bought by B W Steamships Tug & Lighter Co.of Hull in 1951. Owned by Lapthorn Shipping  of Rochester for a few years, including the period 1960 to 1965 when Alan Jenner was her Mate, and then with Zodiac Shipping Ltd from 1967.

Her initial re-engining is believed to have been with a Crossley diesel, which was replaced in the early 60's with a Perkins unit.

During her time with Lapthorn she was involved in an incident at Whitstable in Kent. On completing discharge of her cargo of stone from Cornwall she found herself stuck by suction in the harbour bottom mud. A passing launch then caused sufficient disturbance to release her when, as described by Alan Jenner, she "surfaced like a submarine and emptied her decks of water all over the passing public". In the process she broke her moorings and, with the rest of her crew all having gone home, it was left to Alan to jump on board and re-secure her.

Finally with Les Vedettes Vertes of France as "Taillefer" in 1968 before being scrapped in France in 1978

The photograph below shows her at Dundrum, Co Down in October 1967.



Photograph courtsy of the Roy Cressey Collection