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J. Pollock & Sons Ltd.  Faversham


A shipyard was established in Faversham in Kent by James Pollock & Sons (Shipbuilders) in 1916 at the request of Lord Fisher, the First Lord of The Admiralty. Faversham already had a tradition of shipbuilding, and it soon became a major contributor to markets throughout the world. Vessels such as the Molliette and the Violette both constructed of concrete were the forerunners to over 1200 ships built and launched from Faversham between 1916 and 1969. The narrowness of Faversham Creek was no obstacle to launching larger vessels as the sideways technique used by Hay and the other builders on the Central Scotland canals was employed here. Most of Pollocks vessels were tugs, workboats, barges and coasters for use in and around the Thames estuary 

The yard built four of the "improved" class of VICs, Nos 56, 57, 58 and 59. The latter two were never actually launched as VICs as with the war over they were surplus to MoWT requirements.