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Number 10 (1)


Builder Barclay Curle, Glasgow
Official Nr 62887
Yard Nr 218
Launched 5/1871
Length 64.8
Beam 14.2
Gross 37 tons
Nett 25 tons
Engine 2 cyl steam compound?

I initially came across this vessel in a book on Arran history where she was named as a regular visitor to the island with cargoes of coal around the early 1900s. In it her name was spelled out in full as "Number Ten" and for a while this thwarted me in discovering her real identity and history.

She was originally built for The Carron Company as "No 10" and was acquired by J Grieve of Blairmore in 1895, subsequently being bought by E R Lester of Plymouth in 1903. She moved back to the Clyde in 1907 after being sold on to  William Sym of Arran,  later passing on to the No 10 Steamship Co  Ltd managed by James Hamilton of Ayr in 1916. She was scrapped in October 1934.

Carron replaced her with another No 10 in 1905.

The photograph below is of  "No 10" unloading coal while aground at the mouth of the Black Water at Blackwaterfoot on Arran in the early 1900s, probably sometime in the period 1907 to 1916.  My paternal ancestors come from only a mile or so up the road in the Shiskine Valley and so this was probably a familiar sight for them.


The provenance of this photograph is unknown