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Builder Swan Kelvin Dock
Official Nr 82277
Yard Nr
Launched 1869
Length 66.2 ft
Beam 13.35 ft
Gross 35 tons
Nett 30 tons
Engine 8 hp compound

Built for Mories Munro  & Co of Glasgow. In 1879 she was bought jointly by Richard Munro and Francis McKean. 

On 1st April 1889 when in the ownership of J S Munro of Glasgow and in tow on the river Clyde, she collided with the Glasgow-registered steamship "State of Georgia" and sank at a position just upriver from Dumbarton.

The photograph below is undated but the location is easily identifiable as the mouth of the Black Water at Blackwaterfoot on the Isle of Arran.The cargo being discharged into the waiting horse carts would almost certainly have been coal from the Ayrshire mines.

The provenance of this photograph is unknown