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Builder MacGregor, Kirkintilloch
Official Nr 133156
Yard Nr
Launched 1913
Length 74.7 ft
Beam 18.3 ft
Gross 118 tons
Nett 79 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Oil  80bhp

One of eight similar vessels built by MacGregor's in 1912/1913 for the grandly-named Coasting Motor Shipping Co Ltd of Glasgow. These were the first internal combustion engined lighters to be built on the canal but they wern't a success and by the late 20s all had been sold on.

Being one of the 74 foot versions, Innishowen had to have her bow section fitted at Bowling after coming down the 66 foot length limited canal from Kirkintilloch.,

Sold in the 1919 to John Summers of Glasgow and then again in 1939 to Risdon Beazley in Southampton.  In 1947 she moved to Denmark renamed "Eva Petersen" in the ownership of a P C Peterson.  She hit a left-over WW2 mine in Fano Bay, Denmark on 4th May 1950 and sank.

The photograph below is from the Dan McDonald collection courtesy of the Ballast Trust and is reproduced under a Creative Commons license