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Builder Burrell Hamiltonhill
Official Nr 87704
Yard Nr
Launched 1883
Length 65.5 ft
Beam 18.2 ft
Gross 69 tons
Nett 42 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built by Burrell for T S Tancred, T Faulkner and Wm Arrol of South Queensferry and I will speculate that this may well have been in connection with the building of the Forth Railway Bridge in which Arrol were engaged. In 1890 she passed into the ownership of  J P Turnbull of Glasgow.

Five years later she nearly came to grief, as a report in the "Oban Times" of 13th April 1895 informs us:

"On Saturday of last week [6 April 1895], the steam lighter INCHMURREN of Glasgow, while attempting to land a general cargo at Lourin off the north of Mull, became stranded on the rocks there. The wind was blowing strongly from the north at the time.  She was later refloated and towed to Tobermory". The minutes of the  Glasgow Salvage Association of 10 April 1895 confirm her refloating..

In 1900 she was lengthened at Bowling to 82.,6 feet. By 1918 she was owned by J H Cowan of Oswald Street  in Glasgow and in 1920 by S A Portus of Garston, Lancs. Then in 1923 she is recorded as owned by Frank Minoprio of Liverpool; in 1925 by Mrs Jemima Barlow of Dundee. In 1929 by Joseph barlow of Dundee. She is believed to have survived to possibly 1938 but no records found to confirm this.