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Builder Henry Scarr, Hessle
Official Nr 116167
Yard Nr 139
Launched 2/3/1903
Delivered 6/1903
Length 84.3 ft
Beam 20 ft
Gross 101 tons
Engine originally sail, then engined per narrative opposite.

Ultimately owned by Captain William McMillan of Campbeltown in partnership with a Daniel MacMillan of Clarkston, Near Glasgow. "Halcyon" was a two-masted auxilliary ketch and not really a true "puffer". She is worthy of inclusion if for no other reason than that she plied her trade in the waters of the Clyde for almost 20 years, from 1947 until 1966 when Captain McMillan retired.

Halcyon was built at Hessle on the Humber in 1903 for M Aaron of Hull and is described as being a "Billy Boy" type sailing vessel. According to Lloyds Registers of 1929 to 1940 she was owned by E H Pudney of Brightlingsea in Essex, and laterly of Great Yarmouth.  In 1929 she was fitted with a 2 cylinder auxilliary oil engine made by Dantz of Cologne.  In 1938 this was replaced by a 1935-made National Gas & Oil Engine Co 4 cyl unit. During this period she continued to be Hull registered.

Acquired by William MacMillan in 1947, she was fitted with a second engine to supplement her 1938 one, another 1935 made 4 cyl unit  from National Gas & Oil.

LR of 1951 and 1954 shows her in the ownership of Captain William MacMillan of Campbeltown but still Hull registered.

By 1959 she had been registered at Irvine, and continued to be so until she was eventually scrapped in 1966 following Captain MacMillan's retirement.

The photograph below is labelled "Entering Troon Harbour" but is undated.

Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection