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Builder Scotts, Bowling
Official Nr 184981
Yard Nr 396
Launched 8/9/1952
Delivered 1953
Length 83.8  ft
Beam 20.4  ft
Gross 149 tons


72 tons
Engine Oil 2SA 270bhp

The first purpose built diesel coaster for Hamilton and McPail, Glenshita was a complete rethink of the small coaster design. She was considered a prototype but note that she was still built small enough for the Crinan Canal.

With the rest of the Hay-Hamilton fleet of the time, she passed into the new Glenlight fleet in 1973. Her sale later that same year to a Peter Herbert of Bude in Cornwall marked the start of a long series of owners, some of whom didn't hang on to her for very long:

In 1975 to Alwil Coasters of Erith, Kent, in 1977 to Ferry Services Ltd of Woolston, in the same year to Metal Recoveries (Newhaven) Ltd who held onto her for nine years.

In 1986 she was bought by Pounds Marine of Bedhampton, again the same year sold to D-Tect Security Ltd of Plymouth and the following year on to their sister company Decect Sea Enterprises. In 1990 she was bought by a Maurice Saunders of Yeoford in Devon. Finally, in 1993 she was acquired by Marine Charter Ltd of Southampton, who, as far as is known, owned her until she was scrapped at Holyhead in 2004.

The date of the incident in the photograph below right is unknown but she was lucky that the weather was clement when her deck cargo of timber shifted. She managed to limp into Oban where it was re-stowed and she carried on her way.

Photograph courtesy of the Roy Cressey Collection

Photograph of unknown provenance