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Glenlight Shipping Ltd



Glenlight Shipping Ltd, ship managers, Glasgow, Scotland, was formed in 1968 by Ross & Marshall Ltd, shipowners, Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland, and Hay Hamilton Ltd, shipowners, Greenock. The new company's object was to charter on demise terms and operate the whole fleet of Hay Hamilton Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiary, G & G Hamilton Ltd, and the fleet of Ross & Marshall Ltd, and its wholly owned subsidiary Light Shipping Ltd, shipowners, Greenock.

Glenlight Shipping Ltd was incorporated with a share capital of £50,000 issued in £1 shares, and the two share-holding companies nominated 3 directors each. The company acquired Irvine Shipping & Trading Co Ltd, shipowners, Irvine, North Ayrshire, in 1965 and, in 1975, acquired William Campbell (Port Glasgow) Ltd, coal merchants and shipping agents. Glenlight Shipping Ltd became a subsidiary of Clyde Shipping Co Ltd, shipowners, Glasgow and operated coasting vessels to the Western Isles.

By 1974 the fleet was down to six:  Glencloy, Glenfyne, Dawnlight, Raylight, and Anzac which by then was full time serving the US Navy in the Holy Loch, and finally Pibroch which by then had replaced the last two of the 66 foot boats, Lady Morvern and Spartan. .

In 1975 in an attempt to obtain economies of scale, Glenlight purchased four larger 400 grt vessels second hand which became Glen Etive, Glen Rosa, Sealight and Polarlight.

By December 1994 the last of the company's vessels were tied up at Greenock and the company effectively ceased to trade.

In 2002 Glenlight Shipping Ltd was on record as being dormant