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Dane (2)      Saxon (3)


Builder J Hay, Kirkintilloch
Official Nr 136271
Yard Nr  
Launched 28/8/1903
Length 66 ft
Beam 16.8 ft
Gross 64 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built by Hay for their own use. In 1914 she was renamed Saxon, the third Hay vessel to carry that name.

After having been sunk following a collision, she was purchased by Finlay and Walter Kerr in 1926. When she was finally scrapped in 1967 after playing the starring role in the BBCs 1965-6 "Para Handy" series, she had been the last of the old-style classic puffers in service

The old postcard (top) is undated but does the Union flag flying in the background suggest that this might be during the 1st world war, and so are we looking at her as "Saxon"?  The motor van parked on the extreme left would probably not be from before this date.

The second photograph is from 1950 and shows Saxon again at Millport Pier, this time with the Caledonian Steam Packet Coy's DEPV "Talisman" approaching.


Both photographs courtesy of Graham Lappin