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Dane (1)


Builder J Hay, Kirkintilloch
Official Nr 108752
Yard Nr
Launched 1898
Length 66.4 ft
Beam 16.8 ft
Gross 69 tons
Nett 41 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built by Hay for their own use.

In 1902 she was sold on to R Inglis of Leith, in 1905 to Perth SHipping Ltd, in 1906 back to the Ckyde with James Warnock & sons. IN 1920 she is registered to James Sharrock of Paisley before finally in 1929 she moved to Richard Irvin & Sons of South Shields.

I suspect that Inglis of Leith may have re-named her as in 1903 Hay launched another "Dane" of similar size.Although, as that 2nd Dane was not actually registered until 1914 by which time she was renamed "Saxon", it is possible that two Danes were sailing at the same time.