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Alexander Baillie & Co, Troon


 Alexander Baillie was a Troon entrepreneur who, with his wife Jane Young formed Baillies in partnership with the Young brothers from Northern Ireland. The company originally traded, very successfully it would appear, as a Ships' Chandlery in Troon harbour.

At its height in the late 1920s, early 1930s, the company operated three puffers:  HaftonAdvance and Elim    Another vessel on the books was the "Alexanderina" about which nothing else is known, as well as the schooner Kate.

The main business was carrying coal, but any traffic would do. Usual runs were to the Scottish islands, through the Crinnan canal, Arran, Campbeltown and to Northern Ireland.  Alexander Baillie was an active Christian and heavily involved with the Church in Troon, particularly the Sunday School. These church links led to him taking stone to Ireland for the building of a church in his home village.  Another company activity was Salvage, . Alexander Baillie dies in 1931 after which the company went into decline and creased to trade at around the time of the Second World War.