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Advance (1)    


Builder Cumming & Swan, Blackhill
Official Nr 67997
Yard Nr
Launched 1872
Registered 8/10/1872  
Length 66 ft
Beam 16.5 ft
Gross 41 tons
Nett 32 tons
Engine 2 Cyl Steam Compound

Built for J. Roy, J. Jeffrey of Bowling & Wm J. Miller of Glasgow.

On 14 th August 1873 the less than a year old Advance left Easdale for Glasgow with a cargo of around 70 tons of slates and three crew.  No long afterwards she foundered one mile off Colipel, Luing Island, The weather was reported as stormy and it is recorded that she sprang a leak and then went down.  Comtemporary reports say that she "carried a heavy cargo, and was probably overladen". Record of her wreck is here.